Project analysis

Stadim examines the feasibility of projects and local developments in each phase of the property cycle. In doing so we take account of the market situation, the legal context and local factors. In this way we make recommendations related to the content of the project and strategy and help the customer to optimize the basic value.

Your consultant in all phases of the development process

Initial phase

First plans, initiatives and gradual convergence of interests on the way to a specific development or redevelopment.

Stadim attend to the:

  • Delineation of the basic objectives.
  • Interested parties and stakeholders: overview and risk analysis.
  • Valuation of the property “as is”.
  • Valuation of the development potential (broad lines).
  • Further strategy: partners, acquisition of land, sale value, etc.

Design phase: Masterplan

Preparation of a development plan and/or preliminary design that has the support of the various public bodies concerned.

Stadim attends to the:

  • Guidance of the design team.
  • Appraisal of the resulting development potential of the various scenarios.
  • Linkage of market potential to the project.
  • Optimization proposals.

Design phase: Preparation of the SIP

Preparation of a legally binding plan indicating land use and the directives regarding development.

Stadim attends to:

  • Guidance or representation of the design team or the owner in the SIP preparation phase.
  • Appraisal of the development potential.
  • Assessments of the impact of specific requirements (charges, quality, development height, areas) on the basic value.

Design phase: Design

Preparation of the design on the basis of the applicable requirements (SIP or other).

Stadim attends to:

  • Appraisal of the impact of design choices (construction costs, volumes, areas) on the value of the development.
  • Refinement of the project on the basis of market insights.

Realization: Implementation

Implementation of the project in several phases.

Stadim attends to:

  • Financial and economic monitoring of the development.
  • Updating the market potential linked to the refinement of subsequent phases of the project.
  • Sensitivity analysis.
  • Cashflow analysis with calculation of the ROI and ROE (return on investment and return on equity)

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