Valuation and consulting

Every year we carry out reliable and accurate valuations of existing properties, land and projects in the Benelux for a wide range of private and professional customers. The combination of our expertise, experience, and data provides the basis for reliable valuation. We work independently and in accordance with the RICS guidelines. Our valuation reports are accepted by all Belgian banks.

Every year Stadim values thousands of apartments, houses, pieces of land, shops, offices, student housing, retirement homes, industrial buildings, warehouses and other kinds of property.

Property has to be valued for all kinds of reasons. These may be the sale or purchase of a property, the consequence of a divorce, a gift, an inheritance, a decision to invest in real estate, rental negotiations, or be required when property is acquired or divested by a company, prompted by the needs of accountants or the tax authorities, or made necessary by the acquisition of rights in rem, and so on. Investment funds and banks also like to value their property portfolios every now and then.

In need of a valuation? We can help!

Valuation methods

We use a mathematical model that uses both our own references and the more widely applicable financial and economic parameters. We also use this model when valuing rights in rem.

Depending on the sort of property and the role of the client we may use one or more of the following valuation methods: Discounted Cashflow (DCF), the capitalization method, analytical method or the points of comparison method.


You may opt for a valuation either with or without a visit to the premises. We deliver a valuation report. Here you have a choice between a full or concise report or a report that conforms to the Vlabel requirements. Our reports are accepted by all Belgian banks, courts and other official bodies.

Our valuations are made in accordance with the RICS guidelines. We are also members of EVA, a European alliance of reputable valuation offices, which allows us to keep tabs on international portfolios.