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Analysis of the Belgian student housing market 2020

By 2030 there is an additional need for about 95,000 student rooms, merely due to an increasing number of students. That is one of the conclusions of a market study by Stadim & Diggit StudentLife.

Overview of the impact of Covid-19 on real estate segments (september 2020)

The pandemic is gradually bringing about changes in certain real estate segments. We have summarised the main conclusions for you:
  • Vigilance concerning the formation of bubbles in residential real estate remains necessary. Increases in value are partly the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy and the relative certainty of the investment. Both these aspects can rapidly go into reverse.
  • We’re observing a growing dichotomy in office real estate, with competitive lower yields in the prime segment on the one hand, and rising yields and declining rental income outside this segment on the other.
  • Logistics real estate remains a clear stronghold, and is becoming an alternative for private investors.
  • The sub-segment with the most obvious reduction in value is high street retail, in both smaller and larger cities.
  • Hotel real estate remains a concern.
  • Despite the apparently unfavourable situation, student real estate is holding ground.
  • In response to the shift in demand caused by the Covid-19 crisis, clear signs of adjustments to the market supply are beginning to emerge:
    • Plenty of residential property in the pipeline that aims to meet increasing demand in certain residential segments;
    • New use of retail properties in high street locations, and even out-of-town retail locations;
    • Accelerated re-use of offices in secondary locations;
    • Re-use of hotel real estate.
You can read the full report here.