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Stadim brings you well over 25 years of experience as a trend-setting and independent real estate  consultancy.  Seasoned in all types of properties, we offer you analyses, valuations and advice relating to all kinds of real estate in the Benelux at all stages of the real estate cycle. Regardless of whether it concerns a private house or an international real estate portfolio, we can always guarantee that you  will receive well-founded advice in the most discreet way possible.

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Questions to ask yourself before investing in new property

If you have identified a new project in which you would like to shelter your savings from inflation and which offers an acceptable return, here's what you need to know before taking action.


Humo's domestic property debate

After all, the housing market continues to heat up to the point that a property is simply unaffordable for more and more young people, that real estate speculators are becoming more and more insolent, and that house hunting often becomes an epic undertaking. How did this happen and, above all, where should it go? With Hadisa Suleyman, Béa Vandendael and real estate expert Philippe Janssens, Humo brings together three generations of housing experts under one roof.


"Still no problem for investment properties"

Céline Janssens gave an interview for the supplement "Investing in real estate" in De Standaard. An interesting article about investing in different types of real estate!