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The value of a piece of property is equivalent to the sum of its parts, i.e. the convergence of multiple insights. Stadim brings these together in a structured way based on its experience.

About Stadim Services

About Stadim

About Stadim

Stadim is currently the largest independent valuer in Belgium. With a team of 20 professionals, we operate throughout the entire Benelux region and enjoy an excellent reputation in the real estate sector. All activities are approached from an economic perspective based on information from a detailed figures database with figures from over 50 years of property sales in Belgium. We can also offer these services on a European level through our international network EVA. Read more

Our 4 pillars


Experience and a close link to practice has enabled Stadim to develop historic insight into the real estate market. Read more


Stadim is a source of exclusive numerical data that is analysed using financial-economic parameters. Read more


The Stadim team is comprised of multidisciplinary experts with experience and an excellent sense of the real estate market. Read more


Stadim advises and assists investors, funds (regulated real estate companies, GPCs, etc.), companies, financial institutions and government agencies. We appraise all types of properties across the Benelux.Read more

European Valuers’ Association

Since March 2018, we have also been a member of a European alliance comprised of leading independent valuation agencies. Under the name European Valuers’ Alliance, Stadim joins forces with seven other major players in Europe specialising in property valuations.


Stadim werkt binnen een breed spectrum van het vastgoed en steeds als onafhankelijke partij. Van eigenaars over ontwikkelaars tot overheden, investeerders en banken. Stadim opereert zowel binnen als buiten de landsgrenzen. Zo zijn we actief in België, Luxemburg, Noord-Frankrijk en Nederland. De internationale werking via EVA staat garant voor een sterk netwerk en een combinatie van lokale ervaring en expertise uit binnen- en buitenland.