Data Scientist

Job description

As a data scientist, you will:

  • Contribute to the development and engineering of new features, building new models and improving the performance of existing models;
  • Work hands-on, by contributing to the development of the machine learning models and/or data engineering pipelines;
  • Align functional requirements with the business and the product manager, and translate them into technical requirements;
  • Set up and manage the software engineering and machine learning processes;
  • Work Closely in a (small) international team with other developers.



  • You have a strong technical background, for example through a Master of Computer Science, engineering or statistics
  • You have experience in data science and machine learning
  • You have proficient knowledge of Python and the major data science/data engineering libraries (Pandas, Sklearn, Tensorflow, Pytorch, PySpark)
  • You have a basic understanding of and are interested in software engineering
  • You have experience deploying machine learning models and data-based applications on cloud infrastructure in a secure and scalable way
  • You possess strong communication skills, which help you to communicate clearly with less technical colleagues
  • You have strong problem-solving skills, and can independently find solutions to new challenges
  • You are keen to learn new skills on a daily basis



  • Microsoft Azure
  • Databricks (Spark / PySpark)
  • MLOps
  • Python

Our offices

  • Antwerp - Our wide viewed open space is located in the heart of Antwerp, easily accessible and very contemporary.
  • Brussels – Our very nice office on the Tour and Taxis site is the perfect spot to connect with the dynamic Brussels property world. This location provides us growth possibilities to further expand our team and explore more opportunities in Brussels and the Walloon region.

We offer

  • An attractive package including market compliant benefits (mobility, insurance, bonus, …)
  • An informal work environment where collaboration with our fast growing team of real estate professionals is key
  • A motivating talent program where the emphasis is on innovation, learning and career development
  • A focus on work-life balance
  • Being part of a ‘winning’ team and the opportunity to co-write Stadim’s future.

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