We are Stadim

We guarantee you:

  • Well-founded property advice
  • Absolute discretion
  • Innovative solutions for today and tomorrow 

Well-founded advice

We have years of experience in analysing, advising  on and valuing property in the Benelux. Every year we make thousands of valuations and analyses of properties, land, and property portfolios for both private individuals and professional customers. As a result we can draw on a very broadly based dataset that is constantly being updated. The combination of our expertise, experience and data is the basis of our reliable and accurate valuations.

We use a mathematical model which takes account  of both our own references and the financial and economic parameters. We also bear in mind things like sustainability and tax, accounting and legal insights and options. We never simply state a figure. We guarantee a well-founded opinion that gives rise to further insights.

Discrete approach

We have built our name on discretion. We always act with integrity with the best interests of the customer in mind.

We are also completely independent. We do not pursue any activities as brokers or agents, developers or investors. In this way we avoid conflicts of interest.

Innovative solutions for today and tomorrow

As market leaders we are always looking ahead. We keep an eye on developments in the property market, investigate and respond to them. For example, sustainability (energy economy, materials and quality of use) and artificial intelligence (AI) are now given more weight in our procedures.

We are constantly searching for innovative solutions that make our customers’ processes more efficient. We have set up StadimData BV for this purpose. We try to ensure that they have online access to our data and recommendations 24/7. Our full range of products enables us to continue meeting the needs of our customers. We are solid and reliable, both today and tomorrow.

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