Strategic questions about the optimization of your property portfolio, how to approach developing a project, or corporate housing? Stadim provides guidance to public bodies, companies, developers and private individuals.

Make the right choice based on sound advice

We help both small and large investors with their choices when buying and selling their own property, regardless of whether it is for their own use or for the operational revenues. We often examine to what extent the costs of renovation works can be recovered. We transform the financial aspects of the choice into objective numbers and then weigh these against the other criteria.

We advise developers on the optimization of the project and deal with the phasing, target groups, refinement of the project, and the pricing and calculate the return on investment (ROI) and the return on equity (ROE).  To do this we start from our profound knowledge of the regional and local markets. We always take account of insights regarding sustainability, technical aspects of construction, taxation, the law and the economy.

We provide support for government bodies and businesses when making strategic choices about relocation proposals. We take account of the location criteria and the investment costs and weigh these against any potential revenues.

We support authorities in the preparatory phase of PPP developments. Working together with designers and lawyers we help work out a feasible and desirable program of objectives for the PPP project.

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