Stadim Academy

We don’t stay put. We like to inspire and be inspired. That’s why we like to share our years of expertise and experience with our customers, partners and students in higher education.

Sharing expertise

Cross pollination and networking help keep our perspective of the real estate market fresh. Stadim Academy is all about sharing expertise. Not just our own fund of knowledge and experience but that of others too. We see our customers as partners and firmly believe that together we are stronger. Stadim has its own training space for seminars, webinars and networking events. Our customers are also free to make use of our facilities.

Furthermore our experts are accustomed to teaching various real estate-related subjects in Belgium’s universities and colleges. See our “calendar” for an overview of what lessons are planned.


He who writes remains. We are used to being asked for an opinion or an analysis by the press. We also publish studies and articles ourselves. You can follow us on LinkedIn or register here for our newsletter to keep up with this fast changing world.

List of publications