These studies and advice form the foundation of solid estimates of property and projects with a wide range of purposes, both residential and commercial, and always including detailed and well-founded reporting. These figures form the basis for insights that often lead to new perspectives and decisions regarding your property (portfolio).


Our studies in the real estate market form the basis of our expertise. Stadim has accurate data on sales in Belgium, broken down by type and region. The basis for these figures are the sales as recorded at the Registration Office. Stadim analyses these figures and reports on them in publications.

No two property projects are identical. That is why we always make tailor-made studies and take elements such as location, type of building, and economic and social factors into account.

Valuations and advice

Valuations and advice

Our services include valuations, selling and buying advice, feasibility studies for renovation and new development projects, determining rental value, usufruct, leasehold, concessions and more for all types of property. All of this takes place with the utmost confidentiality. What also makes Stadim unique is that our reports are recognised by all Belgian banks.

In carrying out a project, Stadim uses a discounted cashflow model (supplemented by the capitalisation method) as a framework for the valuation and analysis of the property. The detailed calculation method used facilitates consultations between our client, the bank, and/or other parties involved in the project. In addition, our model also allows quick and periodic updates of the valuations.


Stadim also develops property strategies for optimising property portfolios. This can be the case both for traditional real estate companies and for families or companies that have an important property portfolio.

Based on our experience, we advise you to first gain an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your property portfolio. Based on the next steps, in which we map out the financial environment, the legal and fiscal design, etc., we will then develop your personal strategy. We always respect your wishes and needs here.



Main client types

  • Regulated real estate companies/Real estate certificates/Funds
  • Government-related companies
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Care sector
  • Universities and schools
  • Airports
  • Funds and portfolios
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Curators
  • Companies
  • Private investors (own home, investments, etc.)
  • Notary publics, attorneys, etc.
  • Registered auditors
  • Construction companies and promoters
  • Investors

Main property types

  • Residential
  • Logistics
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Health care
  • Hotels
  • Student property
  • Other

Valuation types

  • Full ownership
  • Rights in rem:
    • Leaseholds
    • Usufruct
    • Tenancy rights
    • Concession
    • Other
  • Rental value calculation
  • Projects (feasibility study with or without a market study)
    • Sales
    • Own use
    • Letting to third parties / making available
    • Other


By focusing on innovation, Stadim aims to solidify its position as your preferred service provider and market leader – for today and tomorrow. Key to this pursuit is guaranteeing a reliable and efficient transfer of data and information.

Tailor-made software makes it possible to efficiently combine various data points and time series, thereby enabling us to fine-tune our evaluation exercises and transparently offering these to the client.
This also offers clients the opportunity to consult and benchmark their appraised property portfolio online.

Being part of a European network (EVA), Stadim can offer its international clients the same service guarantee for the entire property portfolio and serve as a single point of contact.