Our customers

We have all types customers, which is reflected in the diversity of their needs and questions regarding valuation and advice. They may be looking for finance or need to calculate the value of a right in rem, be negotiating rents, buying or selling  a property, have succeeded to an inheritance, be involved in a separation or spin-off, engaged in restructuring a portfolio, or need information for accounting purposes or the tax inspectors, etc. Whatever the reason we always look for the most suitable solution for the customer, one that is always based on the facts and always discreet.


Ook particulieren die hun woning willen verkopen of een waardering nodig hebben in het kader van een successie, of willen investeren in vastgoed, zijn bij ons aan het juiste adres voor een erkende schatting.

Private Individuals

Private individuals who want to sell their homes, need a valuation for estate-planning purposes, or simply want to invest in property and need a recognized valuation are in good hands with us.

All property markets

We make valuations of all kinds of property, ranging from individual homes to national and international property portfolios.

We are at home in all markets and are experienced in all the common real-estate segments such as healthcare property, industry and logistics, retail, offices, student accommodation and residential property, not to mention short-stay accommodation, car parks, agricultural property, leisure, government buildings and land.