Digital applications

In addition to our digital offering, we are also developing digital services for both residential and professional real estate. We already have a number of applications on offer, some of which are under licence. These applications are offered and managed by our sister company StadimData BV, founded specifically for this purpose. In this way, we reinforce our convictions to keep innovating. Thanks to our own data environment and the analysis via Data Science (AI), we can provide additional insights and make certain of our customers' processes more efficient.

Our public applications

Currently you can use two applications that are available on this site and for which you do not need a licence.


The Immolevel app offers an overview of real estate information for every municipality in the country. This information includes the number and type of homes, average areas, number of transactions and average prices. It is based on the data published by Statbel. The app is free of charge and may be consulted here.

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The Immulator app gives you an idea of the value of your standard home after adjustment to take account of the cost-of-living index. After entering basic details about your home you receive a report based on the entered date and the rise in the cost-of-living index. You can consult the app on the website by clicking the link below.

You pay for using the app using an in-app charging system.

You pay € 9.95 for 1 credit, € 97.5 for 10 credits, € 475 for 50 credits or € 895 for 100 credits.

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Our applications subject to license

Our other applications are subject to licence. If you would like to have a licence, please contact us for more information. The apps can be used for valuations, market insights and portfolio analyses and for calculating values after adjustment for the cost-of-living index.

Valuation App ‘Human in the loop’


Through this app, you obtain a certified valuation via immediate input of all parameters. Our Stadim valuation expert performs an online manual verification and an on site visit when required.

Value Opinion AVM (Automated Valuation Model)


Through this app, you obtain an automated value opinion powered by a machine learning algorithm, bringing together our expertise and extensive data.

Valuation App - Powered by DCF


This app allows the user to input all the parameters needed for a valuation. A Stadim valuer visits the property and validates the output

Valuation Opinion – Powered by DCF


Powered by machine-learning algorithms for the various DCF model drivers, market knowledge and unique data, this app leads to a valuation opinion for non-residential property.

Sensitivity App


The application allows users to modify predetermined key parameters and run the sensitivity analysis on an existing valuation report.

Portfolio Analysis Dashboard

This application provides a dynamic and detailed overview of the main value drivers and characteristics of your property portfolio.

Market Insights Dashboard

The tool allows the user to retrieve market information for market analysis and property information.

Immulator XL


The application makes it possible to index a larger set of properties by address, property type and other basic details. It ensures that the value of the portfolio is up to date.

Non-residential Index


The application allows the user to index per type of property (logistics, healthcare, retail, etc.) based on economic drivers, market knowledge and our unique data set.

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