About Stadim

Paul De Wael and Philippe Janssens decided to found Stadim in 1996. Their years of experience in property analysis and valuation and a professional, driven team are the foundations of the agency. Céline Janssens (Master in Economics & Real Estate) joined the Stadim team as a partner in 2012.

Working with Stadim means working with an agency that believes strongly in confidentiality. You work with a multidisciplinary team of experts with over 200 years of experience combined. Experience that we would also like to share with you. Let’s value values, together.

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Our 4 pillars

Since Stadim was founded, we have always relied on the same 4 pillars: experience, exclusivity, expertise, and economy. They guarantee the added value we offer for your project.


Experience and a close link to practice has enabled Stadim to develop historic insight into the real estate market, resulting from decades of time series and detailed data accumulation. We also keep a close eye on the latest developments in the real estate market and have a continuous focus on systematic and geographic innovation. This makes Stadim your reliable partner for the future.


Stadim is a source of exclusive numerical data that is analysed using financial-economic parameters. Stadim does not act as a property broker or developer, enabling us to operate from a unique and independent position.


The Stadim team is comprised of experts with an excellent sense of the real estate market. The method used is based on Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), in combination with the capitalisation method when desired. The Stadim approach is characterised by reference prices on the one hand and the factoring in of future earnings on the other.


Stadim advises and assists investors, funds (regulated real estate companies, GPCs, etc.), companies, financial institutions and government agencies. We appraise all types of properties across the Benelux, from offices, retail and residential properties to logistics and local industry, health care institutions, airports, seaports, and more. The emphasis is always on market potential.

European Valuers’ Association

The European Valuers’ Association (EVA) is an alliance comprised of leading independent valuation agencies. Stadim has also been a member of this alliance since March 2018, along with seven other major international players in the field of property valuations. The organisation currently covers 11 European countries.

Thanks to this network, every member can not only offer its services nationally, but also on a European level and offer clients across the continent uniform, high-quality, and independent advice. The alliance has a more than 250 professional valuers and, in 2017, handled around 50,000 files with a total value of more than 350 billion euros.


Our vision

The general basic economic principle is that ‘property is worth what it can earn in the future’. Obviously, the costs (to be) associated with enabling this future profit also need to be considered in this regard.

Depending on the perspective taken, this future profit can result from:

  1. A project (promoter/developer perspective): the net proceeds of the sale.
  2. An investor: net long-term rental income and resale value after this time period.
  3. An owner-user: net long-term usage value and resale value after this time period.

It is essential to distinguish between the interests of the project-related parties (developer, contractor, architect, realtor, etc.) on the one hand and the interests of the investor or owner-user on the other. For the project-related parties, from a financial perspective, only the expected income in the relatively short term is important. For the investor or owner-user, other factors play a role and the future expectations in terms of income play a more dominant role.